The Manitoba International Folk Dance Association is a recreational dance group, open to everyone who shares our enthusiasm for folk dancing. Since the 1970's our non-profit organization has promoted the folk dances and music of countries and ethnic regions from around the world, building a repertoire of hundreds of dances from all over Europe and around the globe. We feature a wide variety of dance styles - from circle dances to set and couple dances, from line dances to mixers. More...

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Churchill Park United Church
525 Beresford Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Fridays 8:15 - 11:00 p.m.
From mid-September through mid-June

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Coming Events:

Teaching block #6
Paraliakos (Greece/Crete)
Irish Washerwoman (USA contra)
Se'e Yona (Israel)
Su Passu Torrau (Italy) - Bagnoli version

Teaching Schedule
Teaching Block #5 - January 31, February 7 & 21:
Hine Ma Tov - Israel
Made In Romania - Romanian Roma

Also, single-evening reviews:
Gankino - Bulgarea (Jan. 31)
Mahala Mori Shej - Hungarian Roma (Feb. 7)
Balada Lama'ayan - Israel (Feb. 21)

MIFDA International Dance Workshop March 20-21
Our annual workshop is planned for March 20-21 and will feature three local dance teachers: Patti Cohen will teach a mix of international dances, Slavica Maric will teach Serbian dances and Gina Chodirker will teach Israeli dances. This will be a great opportunity to connect with some of our local dance community while learning some fun and exciting new dances. More details to follow.

You can see the workshop brochure here.

Contra dance organized by Bruce - Mar. 28
Contra dance with live music called by Bruce and friends at Churchill Park United.

Contra dance organized by Bruce - May 30
Contra dance with live music called by Bruce and friends at Churchill Park United.
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